Why Your Prospects Aren't Buying, Even Though You Offer Everything They Need

How often do you get to the end of a call, you know you can help the prospect with everything they want, yet they still decide not to buy?

You sit there, wondering what the hell happened.

I can say with high probability, you didn’t get to the emotional reason the prospect would want to buy your services.

Remember, all purchasing decisions are made emotionally, then the prospect intellectually justifies it to themselves.

Yet, I see 99% of sales pro’s moving on with almost 0 emotional buy in.

The prospect feels the same about the purchase as they would when buying a 25c carry bag from the shops.

It’s purely logistical.

You need to peel back 4-5 layers to get to the true emotional drivers of a purchase.

“But, what if it’s a dry type of niche?”

“My prospects aren’t like that.”

“My prospects don’t open up like that”

Wrong. Let me show you why.


Let’s assume you’re selling trading coaching.

Let’s also pretend your prospect has said the following.

They’re retiring in 2 years.

They want a 30% return vs their current 7% return.

They want to grow their trading portfolio by an extra 100k in that time.

They have a job that they don’t mind, so an extra year or two working won’t be the worst thing.

Does that person buy?


They can just stay at the job for a couple more years. .

But what if we peel it back a few layers. Follow the bouncing ball on this.

What would the 30% and extra 100k change? What would that version of them have that they don’t have now?


Layer 1

Freedom? What does freedom mean in your eyes?

Freedom means being able to do what I want. To spend time with my family.

Layer 2

Will you go see anyone in particular?

I have grandkids in another state that I barely get to see.

Layer 3

What’re their names?

Tommy & Libby

Layer 4

How old are they?

2 & 5

Layer 5

And how often do you think you’d go see them if you had the freedom to?

Once a month at least.

Layer 6

Is it Grandpa? Or Pop Pop?

They call me Pa.

Layer 7

And what do you love doing when you go see Tommy and Libby?

We go out for ice cream near the beach, Tommy loves strawberry and Libby just makes a mess. Georgia (wife) cooks them her famous apple pie.

Layer 8

Pa visiting once a month for ice cream and apple pie, I can only imagine how much they’d look forward to it.

Not just them, I hate that I can’t see them more often. Every time I see them they’ve grown up so much. 

Read through that a couple of times.

Who buys here?

The guy who wants an extra 30%?

Or Pa who just wants to take Tommy and Libby out for ice cream every month. Pa who doesn’t want to miss seeing them grow up while he grows old.

This isn’t a perfect scenario, this is how each sales call should be.

Once you know they have a problem you can fix.

Find the emotional driver behind it.



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