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No more made up OTE and disappointment.

Interview Like A Pro

The top 1% don't sit there and answer the same questions as everyone else.

Negotiate Your Terms

Put yourself in a position where you don't have to accept the terms that you don't want.

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What will you no longer be after completing this course? 

- Anxious before interviews 
(because you don't know how to prepare for what they might say).

- Frustrated with yourself 
(because you didn't perform in the interview for an offer you really wanted).

- Disappointed and let down 
(because another offer didn't match up to the advertised numbers).

- Uncertain about your options
(because you don’t know what you would or could do if your current offer declines for any reason).

- A desperate and needy salesperson 
(because you consistently hop on any offer that will take you and you’re always “hoping” that this will be “the one”).

- Confused about the game
(because you still don’t really know how the high ticket world really works and where you sit in the process).

- A commodity
(because you are viewed and treated the same as everyone else).

Who is this for?

- Those who missed great opportunities because they were wasting time on bad offers with made up OTE. 

- Those who have been denied a role because they didn’t present the best version of themselves. 

- Those who understand that it’s not going to take just one interview, and recognise that interviews will be the ever-present hurdle between them and increasing their income. 

- Those sales people who no longer want to be seen as a commodity. 

- Another enthusiastic applicant.

- Another name and face. 

- Those who know they’re capable of a lot more, but don’t know how to get there. 

- This is for pro’s who are committed to a lucrative career in sales.

Who will you become upon completing this course? 

- A sales pro with a top 1% mindset
(you will be able to identify, screen, interview for and negotiate the best opportunities, should you decide you want them.)

- A sales pro with abundance and options
(outcomes not available or visible to others will become available to you)

- Respected as an equal in your interactions
(no more acting and being treated as a subservient “employee”)


Get Instant Access for $150

"James Lawrence is currently the best guy I know on this subject matter in the space.
Having seen his work first hand and also now completed his course I cannot recommend what we has done here enough.
Want to see the world different?  Do his course.
Want to be equipped with the mindset and skillset to get to a better place? Do his course.
Want to work towards getting the sort of results that he gets? Do his course.
The game will change for those that do"

Michael Dunlevy

James has built quite a reputation for himself in the remote space with his sales skill, but also for being a master at interviews. So when he told me he was working on a course for the community: I knew it was going to be a masterpiece. But WOW… I was not expecting this.

Sales Interview OS is an all encompassing prep-course that gives job seekers everything they need to step into an interview with confidence to land their dream offer.

Let’s be honest, 99% of people, myself included, don’t treat interviews like what they really are: a sales call; an opportunity for you to sell yourself to a prospect (interviewer).

What would happen if you allowed the prospect to ask all of the questions on a sales call?
What would happen if you never asked for clarification to a prospects questions on a sales call?
What would happen if you waited for 45 minutes on a sales call and MAYBE asked 3 questions?

….You probably wouldn’t be a sales rep. Yet this is how interviews are conducted. This is exactly what James will change.

He will teach you how to step onto an interview and differentiate yourself with an expert ability to LEAD a conversation as a true sales professional would.

In addition, he gives you the knowledge and tools necessary to properly select an offer, how to run the numbers so you’re not in for any late suprises.

This course is a complete game changer. On a scale of 1-10, I give it an 11. I believe that every sales pro, no matter where they are in their journey, will find something of value in this course.

Nick Roberts

"James’s Sales Interview Operating System is one of a kind.

(As of writing this - I am sure copy cats will follow)

I have been able to learn and implement a substantial amount of the information in this course prior to it’s public release and have had great success with it - Even before it was as systemised as it currently is!

If you are sick of just answering questions in an interview and not have the confidence to ask questions or probe deeper?
Do the course.

Want a framework for how to effectively operate in an interview?
Do the course.

For the amount of value inside here - it is cheap."

Sam Payne

"After two years of back and forth between multiple offers, I got to chat with James in more depth about his interview process and my whole perception changed.

If I was to look back on how I conducted interviews in the past compared to now… I would cringe so hard I wouldn’t be able to finish it.

Now though, I am the one interviewing the company on why I should spend my time selling for them.

It has become less about “why should we hire you” and more “why should I work with your company”

The financial return that I have received has been exponential and continues to be.
What I didn’t realize was the extent of opportunity cost I incurred by accepting offers that weren’t properly vetted.
Even if it only took me one or two months to realize that I needed to switch offers, by then I not only wasted valuable time learning an offer that wasn’t going to be a part of my future, but it was also the opportunity cost of not already being on a solid offer.

For the price James has listed, the methods he’s going to be teaching are an absolute steal and must-have within your arsenal."

Orlando Santucci

"As both a Sales Professional and a Recruitment Specialist in the Remote Sales space, I can confidently say Sales Interview OS contains some of the best interview preparation and offers vetting guidance on the market.
It is simple, concise, and straight to the point, explaining how to make the interview process more optimized for the interviewee, and the interviewer(s) alike.
The wisdom James shares surely would make any candidate stand out positively to a recruiter, hiring manager, or business owner, if implemented correctly. —Will B."

Will Boe

James Interview Course is jammed pack full of all the details one would need on how to prepare, represent yourself, and get the truth out during an interview. There is so much value in this course. I loved it was direct, with no fluff, and to the point.

Rachel Tyre

Just finished the course and it was brilliant.
Love the operations questions to get ultimate clarity on the offer. The excel calculator for the numbers were brilliant as well. Cost of the program would have been worth just that portion for me!

Samuel Zemede

The clear and concise delivery of tangible practices is second to none.
James is an expert when it comes to this subject matter and provides a simple approach to vetting and landing offers. Even if you are not currently in the market for a new offer this particular resource will have you equipped for whenever you are searching for another opportunity.

If you want to know how to position yourself in an interview the proper way, this is the course for you.
No longer will you just be answering questions. Instead you can take leadership in the conversation and find out if it is a good fit.

Immense value.

James Caulfield

That was amazing! So much value and you were very simple and concise in it. That’s a real game changer in not only how to vet an offer, but the mindset you have coming into one! I’m going to be watching that many many times over

Daniel Hull

The interview OS was fantastic. It hits on all three points you need to succeed. Mindset/Fundamentals/Framework and actual questions. All the things I was missing. I am looking forward to my next interviews.

Imran Ahmed

James has one of the best if not the best systems when it comes to nailing sales interviews.

If you are only answering questions in your interviews, or find out you got on a bad offer because you didn't ask the right questions, you are doing it wrong and James teaches you the right way.


Saloh Karimov

James has an exceptional understanding of Sales interviews thanks to his years of industry experience and it shows in his Sales Interview OS.

This program is concise and razor sharp. He’s broken it down meticulously into steps and gives you the exact framework on how to lead an interview and not just answer question after question.
My favourite part was the operational and statistical questions where you can find out if the numbers in the offer add up or not.
This program is going to save you the effort and time of being on crappy offers and instead focus on joining the good offers and making more money in the process.

You do not want to miss this one!

Arjun Satam

What's included? 

This is a systemized approach to sales interviews. 

Each section builds off the last. It is created in such a way that you get the information you need, whilst positioning yourself above 99% of other salespeople.  



1. Core Principles

If you're like 99% of the sales population, you're thinking about sales interviews completely wrong. 

2. Risks/Disclaimer

With every new approach, there are always things you need to be aware of.

3. Simple Sales Techniques

We're on a sales call, it's just called an interview. 

4.  Basic Questions

Some questions are unavoidable.
"Tell me about yourself" for example.

5. Pre-call Preparation

Showing up to the interview and hoping for the best is a recipe for disaster.

But how you do you actually prepare?

During the Interview

6. Soft Questions

You don't come right out of the gate and ask the heavy questions, so what do you ask before that?

7. Operations Questions

The prospect journey can be mapped in a linear fashion.

This section walks you through the different ways they get booked in with you, the advantages/disadvantages of each method.  

8. Initial Statistical Questions 

This is where things get interesting. 

Stage one of two, this goes through the numbers you need to ask ahead of time. 

You will learn how all of the numbers associated with an offer come together. You'll never get caught with a fake OTE again. 

9. Advanced Statistical Questions

This will fundamentally change how you understand the numbers associated with an offer.

10. Negotiables 

Most offers have negotiable terms, should you demonstrate your ability.

This section takes you through some of those areas, and how to discuss some things that might be a deal breaker for you.

There are some non-negotiables that you shouldn't agree to - no matter what.
Very few people are aware of these but they have the potential to handicap your sales career now and in the future. 

You're walked through those in detail, and how to avoid them. 


11. Closing the Call

This is where most fumble. 

You can have a great call, get all the information you need, have full clarity over what the offer is, and still ruin it in the final few minutes. 

12. Exceptions to the Rule

There are always exceptions. You need to know when exceptions apply and adjust your approach if necessary. 


Sales Interview OS

Identify and secure the best roles, whilst screening out the rest.

Get Instant Access for $150