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Need help landing an A+ offer?


Self-paced course that will teach you how to interview like a pro, pull apart an offer to find the true OTE, as well as build a pipeline of companies to work with. 

Sales Interview OS

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If you have an offer and need a sales pro, please send me an email with the details.


About Me

Over the past 10 years in sales, I’ve sold solutions from $500 to over $500k.

Masterminds, SaaS, AI, even Sex Coaching at one point.

In 2018, my time in corporate ended. I couldn’t take showing up as an employee for another day.

So I quit, bought a one way ticket overseas and started to figure out the life of remote sales.

About Me

Sales Interview OS

The complete system that show you how to:
- Screen your offers
- Negotiate your terms
- Interview like a pro

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