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with legitimate A+ sales opportunities. 

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Daniel Hull

"By far the best course I’ve seen on how to find quality roles." 


Why does this program exist?

When most people started their remote sales careers, it seemed like the dream.

No office, flexible hours, unlimited earning potential - who wouldn't want that?

We pictured offer owners desperate to work with us. An abundance of opportunities waiting for us whenever we wanted.

But for most remote sales reps today, the reality looks much different.

They are:

  • Constantly changing offers, trying to find one with consistent income
  • Anxiously trawling through job boards hoping to find something decent before it's filled
  • Wasting weeks networking only to find every other¬†salesperson only knows about the same offers
  • Checking in with unresponsive recruiters, crossing fingers that they finally have a suitable role
  • Applying endlessly to churn-and-burn companies who view¬†them as¬†completely replaceable

This isn't what any of us signed up for. And it's why so many talented sales reps end up leaving remote sales altogether.

They resign themselves to the soul-crushing assumption that this daily struggle is "just how it is" out there.

But what if it didn't have to be this way?

What if you could take control and have a steady stream of ideal opportunities whenever you want them?

That's precisely what the "Finding A+ Offers" program enables.

It gives you the keys to unlock abundance while your competition continues waiting and hoping.

You'll be equipped to:

  • Uncover multiple legit opportunities per day
  • Get decision makers engaging with you as equals
  • Access hidden gems not found by anyone else

What will you learn?

Finding A+ Offers gives you a complete system to go from struggling to uncover quality sales opportunities, to having a pipeline of legitimate, high-quality sales roles.

You'll discover proven frameworks to:

  • Discover¬†at least 5-10 opportunities per day¬†
  • Uncover¬†hidden gems -¬†whether they're hiding in plain sight or buried as those diamond-in-the-rough type companies that no one else knows about
  • Implement automated inbound systems so great opportunities come straight to your inbox
  • Master outbound strategies to unlock overlooked markets
  • Conduct research on potential sales roles to filter out time-wasting roles
  • Systematically engage decision-makers even at hard-to-reach companies so they see you as the obvious choice

You see, finding sales opportunities is only step one. The key is engaging properly so they actually respond and take you seriously.

This course provides 4 levels of systematic engagement formulas so you get replies and calls back from even the most exclusive hidden gems.

You'll learn frameworks to strategically position yourself as a true professional and become the salesperson they can't imagine not hiring.

The days of crossed fingers and desperate attempts will be over. You'll have an optimized system and a reliable pipeline of sales opportunities.


Ryan Cron

"It’s an absolute no-brainer investment.

James gives you an incredibly easy system to reliably and predictably find the best opportunities in the space.

I highly recommend it.

The A+ Offers program is one of the most powerful ways to source offers that I’ve come across."


The Process Is Simple

Find Offers

Follow incredibly easy steps to uncover legitimate offers daily.


Analyze the offers to determine if they are worth pursuing. If so, identify the best path forward.

Systematically Engage

Strategically position yourself as the obvious choice.

Get Instant Access For $225

Laura Breust

Complete A-Z on finding and building a pipeline of A+ offers. It’s simple, concise, and easily actionable.
It solves a massive problem in the market - finding the right opportunities to enjoy what you sell AND make good money doing it.

Magdalena Chainska

"If you have not been able to get on an A+ offer until now, and want to make that happen, James's course will guide you through the process step by step.

You will learn different strategies. Everything is broken down to manageable pieces. You just have to follow the guidance."

Sam Payne

"If you think you will never need another sales role in your life, don’t do this course.

A+ Offers will be beneficial not only if you’re wanting to get off the hamster wheel of applying for the same jobs every one else does, but want to find and land a better role.

The course is easy to follow, simple steps broken down to complete it and the traffic light system works superbly well here."

Matt McAllen

"This course is outstanding, offering a well organised framework and practical steps at every phase."

Sofia Ortiz

"After you go through you will have no doubt on how to land A + offers."

Darren Jones

"I love how in depth and practical it is."




Gain clarity on why the constant struggle is most reps’ reality today.

From there, build a solid base to launch off. 

Inbound Tools

Implement systems to have new offers showing up in your inbox daily. 

Outbound Systems

Get 3 battle-tested outbound systems to uncover more opportunities than you could ever handle. 


Pull apart the offers you find to figure out if they're worth pursuing.

If so, locate the key decision-makers and how to reach them.  

Systematic Engagement

Position yourself as the only choice they will consider.

4-level framework to execute tailored outreach campaigns that get even hard-to-reach decision-makers responding. 

Finding A+ Offers

Proven systems to find and connect with legitimate A+ sales opportunities.

Get Instant Access For $225