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What Would I Do If I Was Just Starting Out?

What would I do if I just started in remote sales?

I get asked this question a lot.

People are constantly in my DM’s saying they’ve just started in HT, and are looking for their first job.

These are the first 3 steps. I’ll cover the rest next week.

1 - Put The Ego Aside.

If you have experience in corporate sales, this is especially important for you.

The standard of sales you’re used to does not match up to what you’ll need in the High Ticket (HT) space.

If you’re brand new to sales, don’t feel as though you will step right into an A+ closing role right away. Even if you did, you wouldn’t be able to hang at that level.

Start in a setting role, or at least a set/close. You’ll be able to land one of those within a week via recruiters.

Companies are always desperate for setters.

If you commit 100% to both volume and training, within a few months, most companies will offer you the ability to close your own sets and potentially other close calls.

They will promote someone who is killing it internally over someone they don’t know.

If the company doesn’t promote you? You can take a part time closing role elsewhere on the back of your experience.

Contrast that with what most people do; chase a closing role for 6 months and compete against thousands of others doing the same thing.

Just for reference, I came from 6 years sales experience, stepped into a cold outbound setting role and it’s one of the best things I did. 

 I still set and close for one of my clients. I enjoy it.

2 - Set Up A Professional Facebook.

Your social media profile is your resume.

I know when I first started posting, I had friends from high school commenting on my posts. They’d share stupid old pictures and generally just ruin what I was trying to do. So much so it deterred me from posting.

Setting up a professional profile with no personal connections gave me much more confidence to figure out what my brand would be.

In the end, it was 100% authentically myself, just not the version everyone knew 10 - 15 years ago.

3 - Read a Few Books And Do Some Cheap Courses.

Showing up to an offer and expecting them to train you is a terrible plan.

I know that most “Become a Closer” guru’s have told you that is the way it’ll happen, they lied.

They will take someone who has invested just a little bit of effort and money into their own education 100x over someone who just became certified and thinks they're entitled to free training.

This is harsh, but it’s true.

Also, the training you’ll get from the resources I’ll cover next week will put you far ahead of most “Become a Closer” courses.


I didn’t want this newsletter to be too long, so I decided to cut it here.

Next week I’ll list 4 books  and 3 courses I recommend for beginners.

They’re dirt cheap and will put you miles ahead of everyone else.

I’ll also list some basic steps for networking and finding your first offer.

Action Steps

Broaden your search to include setter roles. Even set/close roles.

Set up a professional Facebook with a decent headshot and bio. 


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