Think Like The Godfather: An Offer They Can’t Refuse

How many times in the past year have you heard people talk about Alex Hormozi’s quote “Make people an offer they can’t refuse” (I believe he was repurposing a quote from The Godfather, but that’s not important.)

Well, there’s a version of this in the form of a question.

I use it any time an stonewall objection comes up, or, I just want to reframe the way someone is thinking about a situation.

And the worst case scenario - you get to the truth.

I’ll give you a few examples, but first, the question.

“Ok, just so we're on the same page, even if you found a solution that, x, y, and z, there’s no way you would 1, no matter what?”

Out of context, it isn’t that powerful, is it?

Some examples to change that.


Disclaimer: You must be careful when delivering this. It has to be curiosity, not judgement. 


Let’s pretend you’re selling an Ecom solution that’s $35k, will make them a passive income of $10k per month in the next 6 months and they get ROI in 8 months.

You’ve told them the price, they say that they can’t spend that. You've unpacked it a few layers and not making progress.

You already know their passive income goal is $8k per month so they can see their kids grow up.

“Ok, just so we're on the same page, even if you found a solution that would give you $10k passive income per month, which would allow you to work less and actually see your kids grow up, and give you full ROI within 8 months, there’s no way you would be willing to invest $35k, no matter what?”

It doesn’t matter what they say after this, you will have a path to follow.

They either;

  • Can’t afford it, regardless of the outcome;
  • They have never invested that amount of money, and they’re scared;
  • They haven’t seen enough evidence to believe that you can deliver;

Unpack from there.

Full Time vs Part Time

For this, let’s assume that you’re applying for a closing gig that stipulates full time.

You don’t want to go full time for whatever reason.

In the meeting, you’ve gone through the details, numbers, terms, then you get to the conversation about expectations.

You’ve asked them if they they would consider part time.

They said no.

“Ok, so help me understand. Even if you found a salesperson who could come in and close at a high level starting day one, had all of the experience you need and won’t make your life difficult, there’s no way you would consider part time, no matter what?”

If they say no, that’s ok. Thank them for their time and move on to the next one.

If, like most, they say:

“Well, I wouldn’t say that. The person would have to be xyz.”

You’ve just made a huge step in negotiating your terms.

How do you decide what the x, y and z will be?

Use their words wherever possible. That's the power of it. You're giving them everything they asked for, and they still say no? Help me understand.

Action Steps

Write this out by hand and read through it.

Apply it to as many scenarios as you can; price, huddles, hours, even commission rates.

Start using it on your calls in one of those areas and build from there.


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