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Selling To Successful Prospects Who Have Seen It All Before

Imagine if you, as a sales pro, hopped on a sales call as a prospect with another remote closer who has done some basic sales training.

You spend a few minutes in the chit chat, then they head right towards the pain.

Leading situational awareness questions.

They ask you how it impacts you.

They try and hit you with the consequence questions.

The whole time you’re thinking, “I know exactly what this guy is doing”.

At some point, you’re sick of humoring them and you cut them off.

You either tell them you just want to see what the solution looks like, or you ask them to just have a normal conversation.

To you, they’re just another salesperson.

You’ve seen this so many times before because you do it yourself and have been on plenty of calls.

That’s how higher level and more experienced prospects feel.

They’ve been here so many times before. They’ve seen this show.

Let’s compound it even more.

When you’re selling to an already successful person, their pain isn’t in where they currently are.

They aren’t trying to escape hell.

The harder you press on this, the more it annoys them.

Their pain is in where they’re not.

Read that again.

They are future focused.

Small distinction, huge difference.

This is the main reason that most sales people hit an invisible ceiling.

They can sell low ticket ($5k and under) to people who need help moving the needle from 0-1.

But when it comes to selling bigger solutions ($20k+) to top tier prospects, they can’t seem to get any momentum.

The prospect doesn’t feel heard or understood.

Most of the calls end with you emailing something to them so they can do their due diligence.

Action Steps

The action steps this week are simple. This was purely an awareness newsletter.

Reflect on when you had higher level prospects on the phone.

Did they get annoyed?

Did they tell you they know what you’re doing?

Do the calls end up being highly logical?

If you can, watch the calls back and you’ll see the exact moment they saw you as just a typical salesperson.



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