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Onboard In Less Than One Hour

If you’ve ever sat through a drawn-out onboarding process, you understand how much of time waster it can be.

I've seen offers that mandate 2-4 weeks to onboard - all unpaid. 

As a sales pro, you can have systems ready in under and hour and able to take calls the next day.

Shorter learning curve, faster commissions.

On top of that, onboarding is another opportunity to show what a pro you are.

Unfortunately, it has become an overcooked and bloated process.

  • Sales managers rarely deal with people who know what they’re doing.
  • Offer owners feel the need to go through every granular (often irrelevant) detail before you take any calls.
  • The salesperson hasn’t changed offers in a long time and doesn’t know where to start.
  • Neither party has systems in place.

This doesn’t have to be the case.

This is how to get ready in under an hour.


Request all invites be sent to your new company Gmail.

Gmail has to be the first thing set up as you use this to create logins to all other accounts.

Message the contact person, ask them to set you up with a company Gmail and to send all the invite links there.

They can DM you the Gmail logins.

The invites should include Slack, Zoom, Calendly, CRM, anything else they use to that company Gmail.

Note: If you are operating as a LLC/PTY LTD - you can’t have the company pay for your Zoom account. It could be considered Personal Services Income under tax law.

Transcribe 3 calls.

Create a Dropbox link and ask that they transfer 3 sales calls and their script into it.

As soon as you have access to the calls, upload them into Trint or Descript.

Whilst you’re setting everything else up, those services are transcribing the calls.

You’ll have 4 scripts to cross reference showing you a whole lot more than just their ideal scenario script.

Copy the relevant components into your script framework and watch a call whilst reading through.

This negates the need for long-winded Q&A sessions.

Create a new user account on your computer.

Whilst the company is sending across your invites, create a separate user for the new offer.

This should take no longer than 5 minutes.

Zoom, Slack, all other services will already be downloaded.

Create logins with all services using only your Google account.

Once your Google account is set up, use that and that alone to sign up to all other services.

You have the same login for all services.

Read ‘5 Steps to Easily Manage Multiple Clients’

This newsletter covers how to set up the rest.

It goes through how to set up your calendar, accounts, everything.

How quickly does this work?

I have on multiple occasions taken calls within a few hours notice on a new company and closed.

Whether than be me covering a closer friend who had an urgent matter, or I just love the thrill of a fast start.

Don’t over think onboarding, it’s easy.

Action steps

This is a newsletter you look back on next time you need to onboard.

The only action step is to save it in a place you’ll find it easily.


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