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How To Resolve Problems With An Offer

Going to an offer owner/manager about an issue can be frustrating.

You see a problem, you have ideas, you only want things to get better, yet they dismiss you.

It could be:

  • Marketing
  • Lead prep
  • Handover
  • Huddles

You just wish they’d get out of their own way and let this eagle fly.


If I can say one thing from speaking to a lot of sales pro’s, very few handle this well.

Ask yourself, am I being a problem announcer or a problem solver?


Most of the time, when a sales pro goes to a manager about an issue, they’re frustrated. They’ve been sitting on this for a few weeks, perhaps even months.

You get on Zoom, tell them how wrong it is and how you want it to be fixed.

If you make a suggestion on what should happen, it comes across as a demand from, surprise surprise, a complaining salesperson.

Just like all things in what we do, we are collaborative, not combative.


Data first

The very first thing you need to do is collect data from a decent sample size.

Have something concrete you can take to them.

A tiny sample size (one day of calls) doesn’t give a real indication on a trend.

A week gives you something.

2 weeks you can work with.

A month is even better.


Curiosity second

Go to the offer owner with this data and ask them if they know what is going on.

If so, ask what they think about it.

There’s a good chance that the offer owner is aware that something is going on, they’ve potentially already actioned a solution.

Maybe you’ve misunderstood what is happening and they can explain it.

Or maybe, you’ve just opened their eyes to something they have missed.

Either way, you can decide on your next best step working with them, not against them.


Suggestions Third

You’ve presented the problem, now suggest some solutions and ask for their input.

Suggest, don’t demand. They are very different.

Give 2-3 options and talk about why you think they could work.

Ask them which one they like best.

Ask them if they feel as though there’s any reason it wouldn’t work.


Action Fourth

Make a note of what each person has to do.

Even though you’re in sales, make a point of being willing to help where possible. At the end of the day, it’s your commissions that will rise from it. 


Action Steps

Think of one thing you would like fixed/changed.

Start collecting data immediately. 

Follow these steps and engage with the owner about it.


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