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How To Find A+ Sales Roles

Finding a decent sales gig isn't easy.

If you go to any job board, you’ll see hundreds of people comment below a post that they’re “interested”.

They might DM the recruiter, and the recruiter has to sift through all of these applications. 

Recruiters and employers are humans after all, so they will lean towards 2 things to make the best decision. Less work and familiarity.

You want to tick both of those boxes in their minds.


Except, most people don’t even start. They tell themselves they’ll start networking as soon as they’re in a role and making some money. They’ve just got to land that first role and start making money.

Most end up in this cycle for months on end, when they could have just been targeted in their approach from the start.

Networking is the best short and long term plan for finding a decent role.

There are two schools of thought, broad and targeted.

I subscribe to both.


Broad style networking.

The remote sales space feels a lot bigger than it actually is.

You’ll run into the same people a lot. The best people always end up on the big accounts, so it pays to know who they are and who they know.

You’ll find that the majority of these offers are passed through referral only, they never get advertised. 

I know personally that when I’m on a good account and need an extra person, I go to the same few people.



Broad style looks a little bit like this. This is the bird's eye view, not the nitty gritty details.

Connect with people across the whole High Ticket (HT) space.

Other closers, setters, recruiters.

Don’t ask for anything right away.

Engage with them, their content, send them helpful resources.

Don’t ask for anything right away (Yes I know I said it twice)

Watch the job boards, see who posts.

See who comments under those posts.


If you don’t get the job, don’t disappear right away.

You will know where to look, who to speak to and what to expect.


If you’re interested in getting into the finer details, Christian Jack & Therron Humphrey have a great program with a networking CRM tool that I use daily.

Here's the link.

Targeted networking. 

Even the most seasoned sales people get this wrong. They contact the big companies that everyone knows, and take what is put out by them.

For me, the best offers aren’t at those companies. They are often with unknown companies.

UCM (Undeniable Closer Mastermind) is undefeated at this style of networking.

I remember my first networking call with Hunter and he explained this very thing. It was such a powerful concept, but I never knew how much I would rely on it.



Choose a niche you want to work in. Something you actually enjoy. (Fitness, AI, Ecom)

Map out the top 10 companies in that niche.

Research each of those companies.

Engage with key stakeholders.

Add value.

Secure a role.


Sounds simple?

It is, but there are a lot of nuances you need to know.

It takes patience.


This alone is worth the price of UCM, but JD and Hunter take it so far beyond this it’s not even funny.


To connect back to my initial point.

If you network broadly, you will have familiarity in the market.

Even if the recruiter doesn’t know you personally, they should only be one degree of separation from you.

If you are targeted on a specific role, there should be no doubt they are familiar with you.

It’s a lot less work to choose the safe bet they know.

Action steps

Go through the steps of targeted networking. Be precise.

For broad networking, if you aren’t on an offer, connect with 50 people a day minimum. 

If you are on an offer, make it 10 per day. 

Write everything down. Track who you speak to and what they said.



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