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Guiding Prospects to Their Own Answers

You might think that the prospect is coming to you at the start of their journey to solve a problem.

That’s rarely the case.

They’ve been feeling the symptoms for some time.

They’ve researched it.

They may have been able to identify what the problem is that they need to solve.

That’s usually when you enter their life.

Their algorithm has presented them with the ad for your company, or they’ve found you in their journey for help.


The #1 mistake that salespeople make; they make the prospect feel stupid.

I’ll preface this by saying that often the prospect is both the problem and the solution.

Even then, you need to position it so that they don’t have to feel foolish to ask for help.

But, how do you do that?

Put simply, you allow them to realize that what they’ve been missing is what your program provides.



Let’s say you’re selling fitness.

Option A - Typical salesperson

Ask them how much junk food they eat.

How they feel looking in the mirror.

How often they have to upgrade their wardrobe because their clothes don’t fit.

Option B - The better option

Ask them what they’re trying to achieve.

If they were ever at that goal weight.

When that was.

What changed between now and then.


They’re probably going to say exercise, diet, and structure in their life before kids and family.

Well well well, the three things that you help with.

From here, you unpack another few layers to get to the emotions attached to each feature. If you don’t understand that in depth, you can read it here in a past newsletter.


This is an incredibly simplified version, but you get the idea. You allowed the prospect to realize by themselves what the issue is, and they don’t have to feel awful about it.

The end result is a prospect who has connected the pieces together, they feel smart for doing so and you’re just the person who understands them.

There’s no need for an objection battling war to make them concede that they need those features.

Action Steps

Figure out the top 3 deliverables of your program.

  • Support
  • Connection
  • Structure
  • Systems
  • Security

Then work backwards and create a talk track so the prospect uncovers this gap themselves.



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