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The days of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) sales are pretty much over.

Think back to 2018-2020.

Everyone was making money online through drop-shipping, coaching, affiliate marketing.

Prospects were getting on the phone with their credit cards held up to the camera.

Well, not really, but it was a much different time.


Now, we’re dealing with FOMU (Fear Of Messing Up)

Prospects are more educated than ever. They've all seen someone invest online and lose their money. 

The issue here, salespeople haven’t caught up.

There’s a mindset that if the prospect gets on a 45 minute pitch-fest, they’ll be so convinced that they won’t have any choice but to sign up.

There’s no pre-work done ahead of the call.

Very little spent on branding.

It all rides on hope that the early adopters fill the calendars and buy.

If this sounds familiar, it’s time for a change.

There are things a salesperson can do to influence this, regardless of what the company is already doing.


Send the prospect homework

If a prospect is getting on the call and they know nothing about your company, you’re going to have to fight to get that sale.

That’s an exhausting way to operate.

Let’s not forget, the prospect is coming to you to fix their problem.

You are the conduit to the solution.

When they book in the call through a setter or link, have an automation sent where they watch a short VSL and fill out a survey for you.

Let them know you won’t do the call unless they do the homework.

Actually stick to it as well.

If a prospect isn’t prepared to invest 10-15 minutes of work towards their problem, it’s unlikely that they are going to make a commitment of several thousand dollars to fix it.


Overwhelm them with testimonials/reviews

This seems to obvious, but there are incredible offers out there who struggle simply because they don’t ask the people they’ve helped to leave a review.

The close call isn’t about whether or not the solution you’re selling actually works.

It’s to see whether there is a mutually beneficial fit.

Think about it. If you were looking to spend $5k+ on an intangible product, would you buy it if there wasn’t a laundry list of people who had been successful?


Confirm your own calls

Leading up a to call, a prospect is often nervous.

They’ve reached out to fix what is usually a serious problem in their life

They’re about to bare their soul to a stranger on a video call.

Give them a 60 second introduction call the day before/morning of.

They’re no longer speaking to a stranger, they’re relaxed coming into the call and you can make sure they’re prepared

You show rate and close rate will jump immediately.

So what does all this mean?

So what does all this mean?

You have a prospect who has already invested time into securing a solution.

They know your solution works before they even speak to you.

They have committed to a time and will no longer be speaking to a complete stranger.

Action Steps

Start confirming your own calls on Monday. 60 seconds max.

Next week, speak to the marketing person/offer owner about collateral you can send for the prospect to review ahead of time.

Reach out to people you have sold, get reviews from them and get their permission to send them to prospects.


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